About Us

Our Mission

To provide science based education and resources to promote wildlife conservation and environmental awareness.  To conduct educational and humane scientific research to aid with the conservation of raptors both in America and world-wide,  and to provide world-class care along with comprehensive medical care to raptors so they may be returned to their natural habitats and once again become an integral part of the environment.

Our Story

Arizona Raptor Center uses Falconers and Falconry techniques to aid in the recovery of sick and injured birds of prey.  We use these techniques to strengthen the probability of a successful release.  Our goal is the handle the birds in the ways of the traditional falconer and to utilize techniques that have been hone over the 3000+ years history of falconry.  Working with experts in the fields of both Falconry and Avian Medicine we minimize their stay in captivity, ensure muscle mass is maintained or rebuilt, and if necessary fly birds prior to their release to ensure successful physical and hunting skills are intact.  With the vast knowledge and experience we are experts on bird of prey rehabilitation.

In addition to rehabilitation we have created a unique program to help educate the conservation- minded. We reach out to the community with unique education programs, showing them how birds of prey are important to environment and the existence of all creatures on this earth, and how a well-balanced eco-system is the solution. We assist the public in their understanding of how to live with birds of prey and their environment.

Meet the Team


Co-Founder & CEO

State Recognized Eagle expert.  Master Eagle Falconer with more than 30 years experience working with raptors for falconry,  rehabilitation and education



Co-Founder & Vice President

A falconer with over 23 years experience in rehabilitating Arizona wildlife, and has given numerous educational presentations about the Arizona environment and wildlife that lives here.



A falconer for over 40 years and has flown more than 15 different birds.  4+ years of hands on rehabilitation experience for raptors.

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